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Smiljan Škarica

SŠ Studio is an established Slovenian hair studio. In hairdressing we are working 35years, like brand SŠ seventh year. In particular, we work on educating young staff of hairdressers doing presentations in schools for hairdressing. We pride ourselves on last year Mobility project carried out by second school design. Seminars is performed according to Chambers of Commerce in Slovenia and educate hairdressers about new techniques and trends. We work with Slovenian magazines Jana, Eva, the Obrazi with them we do makeovers. The seventh year participating in the project www.berniemodels.net, we are their own stylist in the project. We also took part in the selection of Schwarzkopf to demonstrator for Eastern Europe in Prague in December.
With the exquisite taste, the management of modern stylistic lines, excellent creative team have earned the confidence of large numbers of women and men who look, health and shine of hair leave discretion, knowledge and techniques of
the studio team SŠ.

Our role in the project is primarily training young hairdressers and share experiences from practice. We want to find motivated and creative new employees from the candidates who finish the secondary school. With our involvement in the project we will establish better communication between students, employers and the business Hairdressers Association. A portfolio will be of great help especially for employers in choosing the appropriate staff.
All formal task will be shared with My Hairdressers.com. SŠ leads WP6 together with core partner My Hairdressers.com. We will collaborate on preparation of dissemination plan and dissemination itself.