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Stichting Reflexion

From 1993 on Reflexion has accumulated experience and expertise on training environments and training reintegration. REFLEXION provides reintegration services and training to unemployed disadvantaged people, including disabled, also by helping them to become experienced users of telematics in their daily work. The overall aim of the organisation is to promote employment for people that cannot obtain suitable jobs because of their personal circumstances, be it of medical, social, economic or other origin. In relation with this general aim, Reflexion strives for educational innovation offering new opportunties in learning and (working) life. Reflexion will involve staff from APS a National Center for School Improvement, providing support to schools, teachers principals, school boards, local and national authorities. The principal aim of APS is to enhance education improvement in schools.  

Reflexion/APS will provide an intensive focus on people with special needs. Research focuses on education in relation to reintegration and social inclusion, preparing people in disadvantaged positions for their return in society and especially to work or voluntary work. Reflexion will be involved in all WPs and specially in WP2 and WP3, leading these project parts  together with the Applicant. All formal task will be shared with High School for Design. In WP2 Reflexion will collaborate with WP leaders on preparation of requirements. In WP3 Reflexion will collaborate with WP leaders on the preparation of learning materials and methodology.
Relevant expertise comes from innovative projects in a European context (more than 15), funded by EC programmes. Reflexion and APS also providse expertise for this project on advanced IT-applications, especially web-based learning environments, difital portfolios and CV's and cooperative groupware.


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